Grants & Contributions

Corporate Responsibility

ConvaTec is committed to providing timely and useful educational and scientific information to healthcare providers across the globe. We support the education of healthcare providers through a grant process that ensures the education of healthcare providers in an unbiased manner.

ConvaTec also supports charitable causes through contributions of products, employee volunteer time, and monies. As members of the communities in which we work and live, we take our commitment to giving to those in need with the utmost seriousness and it is a guiding principle in the work we do.

ConvaTec is proud of its strong commitment to transparency throughout its educational grant making and charitable contribution activities. Our safeguards are among the most rigid in the industry. We work to ensure that our ongoing support of programs and activities may not be interpreted as a price concession, reward or inducement to customers to prescribe or purchase ConvaTec products. To accomplish this, an independent committee oversees requests from grant and contribution seekers. This ensures that the ConvaTec award of unrestricted educational grants and charitable giving are implemented fairly and honestly.

Any questions regarding grant or charitable giving requests should be directed to the ConvaTec Ethics and Compliance Office at